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Commercial carpet cleaning

Finding the best way to keep workplace carpets clean is vital to the health of staff and visitors. It also provides a good impression of your business.

CRS Cleaning Services specialises in delivering a thorough, bespoke commercial carpet cleaning service for businesses in and around Cork, Dublin, Tralee, Killarney and Waterford.

We can handle the carpet cleaning needs of complex workplaces – such as large office buildings, and education and health premises with high footfall. However, we are also a highly affordable carpet cleaning supplier for small businesses.

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Bespoke commercial carpet cleaning

CRS Cleaning Services understands that every business premise has individual requests, challenges and budgets. Including a need for specialist stain and substance removal, and low-cost contracts for regular commercial carpet cleaning. We also offer emergency carpet cleaning for workplaces.

All with the assurance of a pristine finish for your commercial carpets, and fast and efficient workmanship at a time that best suits your work patterns.

We provide free quotes for commercial carpet cleaning based on the different methods we offer, the floor space you need cleaning and any special requests.

Why the best carpet cleaning for businesses matters

Keeping commercial carpets deep clean can be particularly challenging in some areas of your premises, especially in foyers and around staff entrances!

However, these days everyone knows how important it is to manage both obvious dirt and invisible pathogens, keeping workplace environments healthy and safe.

What would a grimy, stained office or reception carpet say about your company?