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Contract Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your home or workplace is vital to maintain its pristine appearance, safety and hygiene standards.

CRS Cleaning is always delighted to provide free quotes for contract cleaning in the Cork, Dublin, Tralee, Killarney and Waterford area. Whether this is a private residence, office building or workplace with special cleaning needs.

We keep our prices highly competitive. Especially for contract cleaning services for multiple sites such as for housing associations, retail groups or hospitality companies.

Man cleaning carpets in home
Chambermaid changing bed linen on the bed in a hotel room

What tasks can be outsourced to specialist cleaning companies?

Contracts for regular cleaning projects vary enormously.

It could be that you need frequent deep cleaning of areas of high footfall like receptions. Or, to keep on top of the floors and other surfaces in manufacturing or engineering premises which create environmental pollutants.

We can offer commercial window cleaning on a contract or regular carpet cleaning at business premises. One of the most common contract cleaning requests is keeping workplace washrooms fresh and hygienic.

CRS Cleaning  is also happy to regularly clean specialist equipment such as gym equipment, escalators, lifts and production lines.

There really is no request too large or small.

We also fulfil contract cleaning at times to suit your business work patterns, and always in a thorough and efficient way to keep disruption to a minimum.

Best supplier of contract cleaning services

CRS Cleaning uses different techniques, products and equipment for each client. Whatever it takes to produce a flawless finish across your entire premises!

As we are so versatile and flexible, the best way to source the best contract cleaning for your private or commercial needs is to contact us for a free quote.