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End of Tenancy Cleaning

If you’re coming to the end of a tenancy contract and need a reliable end of tenancy cleaning service at Cork than we are here for you.

CRS Cleaning Services ensures that you get your deposit back. Our team will leave the property in spotless condition for your landlord and their next tenants.

CRS Cleaning Services offers you a comprehensive service at competitive prices. Give us a call on………….. when it’s time to move out.

CRS Cleaners
CRS Cleaners

Why CRS Cleaning Services?

We want CRS Cleaning Services to be your move out cleaning service of your choice. That’s why we make every effort to give you that little bit of extra help that other companies don’t deliver.

If you are a landlord that wants to let, sell, buy a property, or a tenant who wants to make sure of getting their security deposit back, then our end of tenancy cleaning service is just what you need.
We offer affordable lastminute end of tenancy cleaning that we are sure you will be pleased with. All cleaning products and equipment’s are provided with this package.

Our local end of tenancy cleaners is dedicated in providing you with a reliable service, aiming to achieve outstanding results every time. With our end of tenancy cleaning service, you will save time and money, and put your end of lease cleaning obligations behind you.

Cleaning Checklist


☐ All surfaces cleaned
☐ Skirting boards cleaned
☐ Electrical plugs cleaned
☐ Microwave cleaned
☐ Sink cleaned
☐ Cow webs removed
☐ Areas under and behind movable furniture cleaned
☐ Kitchen cupboards cleaned  
☐ Cobwebs removed
☐ Floor hoovered
☐ Floor washed and dried/mopped
☐ Kitchen furniture wiped and polished
☐ Kitchen doors wiped  
☐ Light fixtures cleaned

Dining & Sitting Room

☐ Floors washed and dried/ hovered
☐ Skirting boards cleaned
☐ Windows and window sills cleaned
☐ Behind and under furniture cleaned
☐ Furniture (chairs (under the legs), tables, tv, tv stand) cleaned and polished
☐ Doors cleaned (top and sides also)
☐ Cobwebs removed
☐ Lights cleaned
☐ Door knobs cleaned
☐ Electrical plugs cleaned
☐ Couchwiped (leather) and hovered underneath
☐ All mirrors to be cleaned
☐ Pictures on the walls (if they are not loose)
☐ Heaters/ radiators cleaned

Bathrooms / Showers / Toilets

☐ The tiled wall to be washed and dried
☐ The glass door/separator to be cleaned
☐ All edges to be cleaned to remove sludge
☐ Skirting boards cleaned
☐ Door cleaned
☐ Window, window sills
☐ Floors washed and dried
☐ Bathtub cleaned
☐ Sink cleaned
☐ Light cleaned
☐ Electrical plugs cleaned
☐ Urinary, pedestal cleaned
☐ Cobwebs removed
☐ Door knobs cleaned
☐ Mirrors cleaned
☐ Pictures on the wall 
☐ Heaters/ radiators cleaned

Other Rooms

☐ Vacuum/wash floor including under the beds)
☐ Windows, Windows Sills
☐ Wardrobes (outside)
☐ Skirting boards cleaned
☐ Doors wiped (top, side and knobs)
☐ Cobwebs removed.
☐ Lights cleaned
☐ Bedside furniture (cupboards) cleaned and polished
☐ Electrical plugs cleaned
☐ Mirrors cleaned
☐ Wall pictures cleaned (if they are not loose)
☐ Heaters/radiators cleaned

Extra Optional Services

☐ Dirty on the wall cleaned
☐ Oven cleaned
☐ Kitchen cupboards cleaned inside 
☐ Window blinds cleaned 
☐ Bed made