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General Bi-weekly Regular Cleaning

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General Bi-weekly Regular Cleaning

2 Sessions per month

  • 1/2 Bedrooms Property - 3 Hours Minimum - Monthly €116
  • 3/4 Bedrooms Property - 4 Hours Minimum - Monthly €156
  • 5 Bedrooms Property - 5 Hours Minimum - Monthly €196
  • 6/7 Bedrooms Property - 8 Hours Minimum - Monthly €316

Choose which day will suit you so our cleaner will be at your house on the same day every second week.

Note: No cleaning supplies are provided for general cleaning. All cleaning supplies must be provided by the clients, i.e., vacuums, mop & bucket, cloths and cleaning products).

General clean is a basic cleaning service which does not include deep cleaning, for deep cleaning please contact us for more information.

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