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Property Caretaker Services

Property Caretaker Services

Property janitorial and caretaker services are a wraparound option that gives the property owner real peace of mind. As well as regular cleaning, the role also includes a range of other duties that keep your property in good overall condition, safe and secure even when you’re not there.

Taking care of your property

Whereas a traditional commercial or domestic cleaning service is there to ensure that your property is kept as clean, safe and looking good as possible, property caretaker services provide a greater level of property management.

They will make a regular inspection of your property and deal with any maintenance issues that arise from these inspections. They will ensure that heating systems are functioning correctly, particularly in the winter months, as well as ensuring that your property is regularly cleaned, safe and secure.

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Why you should use property caretaker services

Property caretaker services give you confidence that your property is well looked after. They can act as the eyes and ears at the building looking out for potential problems before they arise, and fixing those that do arise before they have a chance to get any worse. They take the stress out of managing a property.

CRS Cleaning can manage regular cleaning and maintenance

At CRS Cleaning we can manage your regular cleaning and maintenance. Operating to the highest professional standards, our professional team can ensure your property is always kept in top condition, and that any maintenance issues are resolved quickly. Our skilled experienced team offer a bespoke service that’s matched to your particular needs.

Why not contact us to find out how our property caretaker services can give you valuable peace of mind?