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Shopping Centres Cleaning

Promoting cleanliness and maintaining exceptional standards of hygiene are more important than ever. This applies to all public spaces, particularly those that remain open from the early morning to late in the evening, such as shopping centres and retail malls.

Spotless floors to make the right impression

Whether your daily footfall is in the hundreds or the thousands, immaculate flooring is an absolute must. Apart from being the first point of contact a shopping centre has with customers coming in off the street, floors make a strong visual impression on customers – scruffy stains and dried chewing gum instantly undermine the general ambience.

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Pristine toilet facilities

With fewer and fewer public lavatories now available, shopping centres typically provide a valuable and much-used facility for passers-by as well as for customers. It goes without saying that toilets and baby changing facilities must always be pristine to prevent the spread of infection and to ensure that unpleasant odours do not put off shoppers. This is achieved by regular cleaning throughout the day of all urinals, cubicles and washbasins, as well as floors, mirrors and toilet doors.


Last but not least, it is, of course, essential to keep the shopfronts in any shopping centre hygienic and presentable. Although shop units are not directly affected by the elements as shops are on the high street, with retailers investing so much research, time and capital in their window displays – particularly around peak shopping periods – sparkling shop fronts are critical.