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Warehouse & Distribution Centres

Warehouse & Distribution Centres

Running a warehouse, distribution or fulfilment operation brings serious regulatory and ethical obligations to keep your staff safe, and healthy. Starting by keeping your premises pristine clean.

For many businesses, the best way to achieve a thoroughly clean warehouse, distribution or fulfilment centre is to outsource cleaning to a professional, specialist company.

CRS Cleaning has the skills, equipment and experience to provide thorough and 100% efficient clean-ups in any logistics or storage facility.

Factory Cleaning

Benefits of using commercial cleaning

We are here to help, whether you need an emergency, one-off deep or a regular contract to manage workplace cleansing.

Apart from ensuring you stay compliant to Health & Safety rules on workplace cleanliness, we also ensure your busy storage or logistics operations are always ‘fit for purpose’. Having clean premises boosts your productivity, and gives the right impression to visiting customers or suppliers.

Bringing in the specialists means no task is too complex or challenging, and you can always be assured of a flawless finish.

How much does it cost to outsource warehouse cleaning?

CRS Cleaning keeps our prices highly competitive. The cost varies according to the size of your premises, any special requests and how often you need our 100% reliable team to clean your warehouse, loading bay and other work areas.

What you need to ask, is what would be the cost of NOT having clean business premises. As trips, slips and falls are the biggest cause of workplace injuries in premises like yours!

Contact us for a free quote for contract cleaning warehouses and distribution centres.